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Here are a few testimonials we’ve received from our happy customers wanting to share how great our products really are.

Great Bags!

We bought one of your bags many ,many years ago…….I think it was out at Abbotsford flea market..?..or was it a Christmas craft fair..?…still have it…still great…..very handy!!

– Leroy

It is so versatile and durable!

I was gifted an army green shoulder bag of yours 10 years ago – and I still use it all the gosh darned time. Has been to Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico, Australia, Hawaii, etc!  It is so versatile and durable. 🤙🏻🤙🏻 You guys are awesome. Happy to support you and stoked for my mom to have one too!
Cheers to you! Sarah

Thanks for making such a fabulous product!

I bought my first bag (red) about twenty-plus years ago and a second one (also red, my favourite colour) a few years afterwards. I’ve bought four more since, mostly as gifts after people said how great they were. My red ones are in my purse every day and still in great condition after all these years, Between us we’ve treated the environment very well. Thanks for making such a fabulous product!



I bought six of the multisacs 15 years ago! The bags look as good as new and I use them many times a week. I am regularly amazed at how well these bags have stood up to 15 years of washing and carrying everything I could pack into them. There is no difference between the 15 year old bags and the ones I just bought for my grown children. Amazing.

– Marion K

They really are the best bags ever.

I absolutely love these products…. they are really the best bags ever. I have been using the same bags for years and they never wear out. They wash beautifully, and the stretch in the mesh material never ceases to amaze me. The design of the handles makes it comfortable to carry heavily loaded bags, and they are especially perfect for my trips to the produce store. I have just replenished my supply and have several bags set aside for stocking stuffers and hostess gifts. I highly recommend these bags, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

– Judith McD

This bag is the best!

Hi, A few years ago I purchased a bag at the Seattle Boat Show. We use this bag for the beach, out in the boat, and for my shoes while traveling. This bag is the best and I would love to buy another bag (or two)! I did look on your web site, but the bags you have pictured are much smaller. This one is approximately 27″ tall by 20″ wide, with a drawstring at the top and a great shoulder strap. I am assuming because this isn’t pictured on your web site that you no longer sell this, but I thought I would inquire to see if maybe it can still be purchased?

Thanks much, Sue Asund Washington, USA

Thanks for the bag! I Love it!

Thanks for the bag Carmen! I love it. I used it at the next store I went to and have it rolled up in one of the pockets in my purse, so no more excuses for plastic! Good to see you again. I need glasses so maybe I’ll drop by. Enjoy your second wedding tomorrow!

– Frances Metcalf

Hands-down the best reusable bag!

Hello there. I have purchased about a dozen of your bags over the years and I love them. I think they are hands-down the best reusable bag; lightweight, washable, and they never destruct. I was wondering if you would consider making bags for produce in varying sizes: ie – larger ones for potatoes, smaller ones for a head of lettuce, etc. They would probably require a draw-string of some sort. If you are already making something similar, could you let me know? Thank you!

– Adrienne Sarra

Nice Piece of Equipment

Your bag is a “Nice Piece of Equipment”. I use it every day.

Cordially Mike Miller / Northern Marine Insurance

My CGHart Bag is Still Drawing Attention

Thought you’d enjoy knowing that after many years of service, my cghart bag is still drawing attention! I bought it while I was living in Deep Cove – probably at the market when it was Stong’s. That would have been about 10 years ago… Thought you’d enjoy knowing that after many years of service, my cghart bag is still drawing attention! I bought it while I was living in Deep Cove – probably at the market when it was Stong’s. That would have been about 10 years ago… I find that I still grab it to go out and shop, although I have many other bags. Yesterday, I stopped at the hardware store for sandpaper and paint roller refills, then to the drugstore for mouthwash then to the specialty chips and salsa store (all of this was on West Broadway in Kitsilano), filling my bag as I went. The young woman at the cash at Shopper’s remarked on the bag, so I took time to tell her where I”d found it, etc., then I went across the street to pick up the chips, and the woman behind the counter remarked on the bag as well. In both cases, they took down the label name. Obviously you came up with a bag that stands the test of time in more ways than one!

Best, Suzie Payne

Soap Friction - Love them!

Hi, I’ve had the multi-Sac and the Soap Friction for a few years now and LOVE them. Have you ever thought of bringing your product to Ontario? Have a great day!!

Happy Mesh customer, Mrs Parry Soucy

I'm totally satisfied with it!

Hello, I’m owner of a multi-sac and I’m totally satisfied with it (it was an awesome birthday gift). I’d liked to buy more multi sacs and soap frictions, however I’m living in Mexico City right now, can you deliver to Mexico? please, say yes. Ingrid Campos

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